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    We love our neighborhood, especially our EaDo pets. Come visit us. We look forward to meeting you and your owner.

  • COVID-19

    Curbside Service Only

    Call On Arrival

    When you arrive for your appointment or to pick up medication, please call 713-297-8200, and a staff member will retrieve your pet from outside or bring your medications to you. Please be patient as our staff are dealing with multiple calls and patients.

    Animal Transfer

    A technician will hand you a leash to use. We ask that you get out of the car to pass the leash to the technician. If your animal is in a carrier we ask that you place the carrier on the sidewalk. You must wear a mask at all times when interacting with staff.


    Payment can be taken over the phone to minimize contact.

  • Meet Molly

    Breed: German Shorthaired Pointer
    Loves: Anything that flies.

    Services: Stops in for check-ups and vaccinations.



    "Dr. Farmer is my human dad. He takes care of me when I am sick."



    Meet Sinclair

    Breed: Chihuahua

    Loves: Everyone

    Services: Stops in for check-ups and vaccinations.



    "Dr Farmer truly appreciates my handsome physicality. He and his staff are top-notch and always make me the center of attention every visit."




    Meet Oscar

    Breed: Tabby
    Loves: Cardboard boxes and lots of attention.

    Services: Stops in for check-ups and vaccinations.



    "If I have to leave the house, I prefer to go to EaDo Vet Clinic."


    -Oscar, EaDo resident since 2016

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  • Prescriptions

    Shop Local

    Pick up in clinic or use our online pharmacy (VetSource).




    Purchase from an online pharmacy that is
    not affiliated with EaDo Veterinary Clinic.
    Steps listed below.


    Online Pharmacy

    Shop and order from an online pharmacy of your choice.


    Request RX

    Call or e-mail EaDo Veterinary Clinic to request a prescription.


    Send Rx

    A prescription will be e-mailed and/or printed for you to mail to the pharmacy of your choice.



    Your order will be confirmed and shipped by the pharmacy of your choice. This transaction is between you and the pharmacy where you made the purchase.

  • Virtual Care


    Telemedicine has historically been an innovative part of human medicine well before smartphones had been introduced to the market. That said, the virtual care movement is in full swing given the rise and advancement in mobile technology. We can now access care in veterinary medicine quite seamlessly through virtual care apps, which enable you to connect with your veterinarian from the comfort of your own home or workplace. It saves you a trip to the vet and provides the peace of mind and convenience that a pet parent is looking for in the modern-day veterinary practice.


    Rather than calling the clinic phone or emailing your vet a question about your pet, you can now engage in a video call or chat with your vet from the Anipanion app. If anything is concerning you, the Anipanion app will serve as a communication bridge to help you address any issues that may come up for your furry loved one. This next-generation virtual care platform will help your veterinary team gain more clarity to assess your pet’s condition and empower them to offer you the best advice possible.

  • Forms

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